Role of teachers and parents in character formation of students

Good character is one of the greatest features of every human being. Parents and teachers play an important role in character formation of students. Parents are the first trainer who gives proper guideline to their child in early stages. Teachers are next level trainer who shows the best path for student's success. Both parents and teachers have great role in the character formation of each student. It is necessary to shape good character in each student for their success in life.

Parents are the first role model of each student. Most of the children behave same as their parents. How their parents behave, respond to other, child imitate same as their parents. Children spend their greater part with their parents than any other up to join in a school. So the first lesson of character formation starts within home itself. Parents are the first guides that teach good and bad to their child. They encourage and motivate their child to achieve their life goal. Good parental support is necessary for student's success. It help them to stay healthily and positively though out their life span. Early stage is the best time to feed their students about the good and bad. We can help to build a good personality of tomorrow by providing proper guideline at early stages. Most of the times, children imitate same as their parents. For all children their primary education got from their parents and other family members. If a student gets bad experiences from their parents or family, it will reflect on their character also. From this we can conclude that good character can develop only with good family atmosphere. It is the responsibility of the parents to train their child to behave well and teach them to respect others.

Teachers plays secondary role in the character formation of each students. They get primary training from their parents up to join in a school. After that teacher plays an essential role in the character formation of students. School is one of the great places that play an important role in character formation of students. This is one of the most difficult challenges that every teachers faces during their teaching field. They teach their students that how to face different difficult situation in their life. We know that, as a human being we all should face different challenges in our life span. A best teacher always builds courage in their child to face all those life situations. They train students to be a responsible learner. They also try to make positive changes in their students.

Parents and teachers teach their child about the lie and all the issues related with today's life. Most of the times, students reflect same as their parent's character. For example, if parent read the newspaper daily, it makes a tendency in their child to read the same. If parents not follow that, it is rare to see this characteristic in students also. Like this we can see that many students handle each and everything with care and others are not. This is the power of their parents training. If the parents train their parents train their students to follow care and concern about each matter they grow up with these qualities. Otherwise they make sudden decision on each matter. Like this, students imitate more as their parents. Good parents always teach good and bad in each and everything. Also they punish their child if they found any misbehave in them. Good advice always leads their child to true path.

Teachers also play role model for their students away those acts by parents. Moral knowledge and classroom training are the best tips that every students feed from their teachers. They teach how to mingle with people of different character and different culture. We know that, a classroom is the best example of the place where people follow different culture and different character. But a teacher teach their students that how to live in suck kind of situation. They also train their students that how to help their colleagues in their difficult situation. A parent can build a student's of good character but a teacher can build number of students with excellent characteristics.

A baby does not know familiar with anything. The surroundings that he or she is growing influence their character. They try to adopt that feature slowly in their life. A good surrounding always produces good output. Parents and teachers are the great persons who influence the character formation of each student. Only a good character people can protect and improve our world. Students are the strength of tomorrows and we are responsible to build students of good characters. It is possible to build good behavior students with great parent-teacher partnership.